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The ERO will engage in the following areas of its program for the Roma and Sinti populations: On behalf of the European Roma Organization (ERO) and its members, we present ourselves as a young international organization founded in 2020 with its headquarters in Paris, France. The ERO consists of 14 NGOs from the Balkans and the EU (Slovenia, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Northern Macedonia, Belgium, Albania, Kosovo , Croatia, Montenegro, Italy) and independent activists. The goal of ERO is to improve the position of Roma and Sinti in all segments of life, as well as all socio-political activities, with a clear goal of integration and improvement of the position of Roma, Sinti and the entire community. In order for the largest minority in Europe to enter the integration process and improve living standards as efficiently and effectively as possible.
ERO, with the experience of the team that makes up the organization, wants to be a constructive partner and collaborator with all international factors working to improve the lives of Roma and Sinti. ERO as an innovation, a new approach and a new evaluation system offers its cooperation - partnership in development, improvement of the approach to solving the process of integration of the Roma and Sinti community in Europe. The innovation and new value system of our organization is: • interaction with the Roma and Sinti community; • communication and direct participation of young Roma and Sinti, in the work of our organization; • cooperation with all nations through the promotion of equality while respecting cultural differences as an approach in the fight against discrimination and anti-Gypsyism; • raising awareness of the importance of information and the impact of the media in all segments of social responsibility, through media campaigns and raising the capacity of Roma media with an innovative approach through education, culture on quality of life at European and local level; • implementation and enforcement of all resolutions, acts, declarations, strategies and all other documents on the protection of human rights, minority rights, children's rights, women's rights, all forms of discrimination and hate crimes;
The above-mentioned activities are necessary, because the factual situation on the field shows a different situation. The accumulation of a set of the mentioned shortcomings is the generator of the general condition of the Roma and Sinti community, as well as the main reflectors of all previous failed attempts to resolve integration. The innovative process of ERO is advocacy –for systematic solutions of all participants for Roma and Sinti problems, irresponsible approaches, unintended spending of huge material and financial resources invested by the European Union and other funds for resolving Roma and Sinti issues . Establishment of standards for responsible budgeting of Roma and Sinti inclusion policies in all segments as well as their implementation, with a clear goal of transparency of all users of material and financial resources. The goal of the international organization ERO is cooperation with government bodies /services in charge of the implementation and implementation of policies related to the improvement of the position of Roma and Sinti in each member country of the network.
The goals of ERO are: • Establishment of an information platform for cooperation at the global level • Educational projects; • Projects for the introduction of Roma and Sinti in the training and labor market; • Start-up projects; • Media projects; • Sports projects; • Cooperation with kindergartens and schools; • Cooperation with adult education institutions; • Cooperation with the authorities in the implementation of public policies; • Cooperation with regional European and international public policy representatives; • Cooperation with clubs, associations and institutions in the country and abroad; • Organizing and conducting cultural, informational, educational, educational, initiative, integration, manifestation and all other events, as well as public advocacy. ERO participates in the implementation, sharing information, raising awareness at the global level. We commitment for implementation of European strategies and the implementation of international and European goals, and advocates for the improvement of members of national minorities in the Balkans, as well as other ERO member states.
It conducts trainings and prepares the Roma and Sinti community for participation in the implementation of the EU resolution measures and other strategic documents for the reduction of Roma and Sinti poverty at all levels, but also for full membership for the citizenship of the European Community. ERO is committed to cooperation at the international and European level with theinstitutions and political actors of EU member states and beyond.
Dear Ladies and gentlemen, We hope for open cooperation, respect and achieving a common goal. Experience and expertise can change the World, it is up to us to prove it together. Our motto is: "If I can change and you can change, everyone can change." Best regards, President: Haris Tahirović Jelenc, Slovenia