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-program director and president of Union Umbrella, president of RIC Anglunipe and representative in European Roma and Travelers Forum (ERTF) at the Council of Europe -since 2016 accredited interpreter for Roma Language at Slovenian Court of Justice -Since 2009 elected for representative of Roma community in Slovenia to ERTF; -Membership of the Working Group of Ljubljana Municipality for protection of Roma population; -Co mentor on graduation thesis on Roma issues for students (5 persons); -Author of 600 articles on Roma related issues; -In period of 2010-2011 I have been involved in over-border activities, for example I.R.E.M.'s project Antiziganism awareness, issued three numbers of the magazine Romano Lil -in 2016 I have designed and developed a partnership scheme for the European Cultural Project Roma = amoR, Roma Culture and Identity in Intercultural Dialogue in the partnership with 4 European organizations (Nevipe Amsterdam, Cerez Belgrade), by which Umbrella applied to Culture Programme in 2015 and reapplied in 2016./ 2019
President: haris tahirović jelenc

Contact: ero.roma2020@gmail.com

Office contact: ero.president@eroinfo.net

Roma and Sinti have been at home in Germany and Baden-Württemberg for 600 years. About 12,000 members of the minority live in Baden-Württemberg. The Roma and Sinti are one of a total of four recognized national minorities (recognition was granted by the Federal Republic of Germany in 1997). In addition to German, Romani is usually spoken in a minority language, which is divided into different dialects. Roma and Sinti have been repeatedly discriminated against and displaced throughout history. During the National Socialist regime, Roma and Sinti were persecuted in areas occupied by Germany with the aim of planned and final extermination. About 500,000 Roma and Sinti became victims of this genocide. Int. chr. The educational and social initiative for Sinti & Roma eV was established in 2004. The non-profit association is networked and committed at regional and supra-regional level.
board member for roma and sinti: Jane Simon

Contact: info.sinti-roma@gmx.de

Office contact: ero.roma.sinti@eroinfo.net

• Occupation or position Coordinator for national minorities • Main activities : The contact person between the current government and members of minority peoples, who are committed to a better, safer and more secure life of persons belonging to national minorities and inclusion in society. • Main activities : To achieve its objectives the Association in particular: 1) collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development; 2) organizes, alone or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of education in the field of environmental protection; 3) publish books and other publications on issues related to environmental protection, in accordance with the law; • Name and address of employer National Council of Roma of Serbia • Occupation or position Coordinator for youth and sport
general secretary: milorad popović

Contact: mile_chb@yahoo.com

Office contact: ero.generalsecretary@eroinfo.net

• Work with children at risk of dropping out of school; • Support for children with disabilities and their families; • Family planning - conducting information meetings; reproductive health consultancy; contraceptive methods; sexually transmitted diseases. • Prevention of abandonment - family counseling, motivation and support through social, psychological and legal counseling; preparation and training of parents to take care of their children; mediation to improve relationships and connections in the family, the extended family and the supportive environment; • Work with children and families in order to prevent early marriages and early births mainly in the Roma community; • Improving parenting skills, especially of minors, by advising and supporting on: building positive models of education; features of the child's age development and institutional characteristics; assistance and support for finding a job for the parent, kindergartens and schools, personal physician.
general secretary: Anelija Dudinova

Contact: ani_0979@abv.bg

Office contact: ero.secretary@eroinfo.net

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• Improving the position of the Roma community in every social aspect • Organise the counselling, seminars, experts meetings and other forms of education by themselves or with other organisations • Organise educational and other experts for working on education of children, young people, elderly people, covering all the age of the Roma community • Improve the education of the Roma community • Improve the housing conditions of the Roma community • Cooperate with other organisations and state institutions • Collect and process scientific and professional literature • Organise cultural events and programmes aimed to bring the culture of the Roma community closer to other citizens • Publish: newsletters, magazines, daily newspapers - periodicals, educational literature, books and web presentations
counselor: Nebojša Vladisavljević

Contact: romi.novinari@yahoo.com

Office contact: ero.counselor@eroinfo.net

My name is Sali Usein i am born on February 6, 1958 in Skopje / Macedonia I finished high school in 1975 in Macedonia. I became the President of the Roma youth in the municipality of Chair, a long-term member of the folklore Roma society PRALIPE. I moved to France / Paris in 1981 I became a member of the association of Yugoslav clubs and a choreographer of the Roma cultural and artistic society Paris. In 1985, I formed a Roma cultural and artistic association which called "New Macedonia", in which he was elected for vice president. I organized Roma community for many cultural and artistic events, manifestations and gatherings. I opened a school for Roma children and they learned Macedonian and Romani languages, as alternatives to preserving culture, traditions and customs. With the cultural and artistic society, he participates in many prestigious competitions in France, including the “Inter Club competition”, where he wins many awards for the first and second place in singing, playing and sporting events. In 1986, I was one of the founders of the first Roma radio station in France, which was supported by the Council of Europe until 1993. In 1993, with the support of the French authorities and many Roma activists, I came up with the idea of forming a "Roma mediator" and successfully implemented a pilot project, which was supported by all international institutions, but later served to implement the same project in the Western Balkans and mostly in Serbia. In 1996, due to health problems, I retired and reactivated in 2018 and I was one of the founders of the international organization, European Roma Organization-ERO, which is registers in Paris.
cashier: Sali Usein

Contact: kristina_maya@hotmail.com

Office contact: ero.cashier@eroinfo.net

• Experience in radio as moderator and journalist. • Director of the NGO Durmish Aslano in Prizren since 2001 up to 2004. • Organizer and member of the organizing board of the Kosovo Roma Forum. Representatives of the Roma community (Community Advocate) from year 2001 to 2003 • Members of the Consultative Council for the communities of Kosovo in 2010 • Project Cordinator of the NGO International Centre for Integration (of 2004) • Executiv director of NGO ROMTEGRA, from 2010 • Some journalism courses and training for various organizations and NGO's for implementation of various projectsand media.
public relations: Daut Qulangji

Contact: yekhipe@yahoo.com

Office contact: ero.pr@eroinfo.net

A longtime activist, editor of the RTS Kosova radio and television program, which was part of RTS Serbia and runs the Anglunipe Roma organization, he worked hard to integrate the informative program of the law of identity and culture and was a member of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia. the number of members of the Roma community as an activist and politician managed to pull out about 30 thousand Roma in cooperation with the Steyt Department, and in Italy is engaged and working to integrate anti-discrimination, anti-Gypsyism and directs its work to Roma and Sinti integration in Italy through his work and activities he showed that he is one of the key people who can establish media, political relations and a better Roma population.
board president and holocaust questions: Baškim Ređep

Contact: baskimlive@libero.it

• Member of Board of Education in Standing conference of the Roma associations of the citizens (Roma League - SKRUG); • Significant experience in returnees’ reintegration in Serbia • Winner of the Special award for contribution to inclusion • Participant of many international conferences organized by Ministry of education, OSCE and EU related to education of Roma people; • Coordinating and mentoring/monitoring activities in up to 5 LSGs • Providing expert support to the Government Coordinating Body in the field of education; • Developing the monitoring System of the work and results of 172 Pedagogical Assistants, in consultations with the Ministry of Education and Pedagogical Assistants (questionnaire and data management, and reporting); • Organizing trainings for 170 pedagogical assistants;
vice-president of board: božidar jovanović

Contact: bozajovanovic9@gmail.com

Office contact: ero.vicepresident@eroinfo.net

1.Chairs of Sinti und Roma Köln e.V. Activist from 1996 to 2003. organized by Roma Union Grenzland e.V. in Aachen. 1997-1998 Member of the Permanent Coordination of Roma and Sinti to which 5 organizations of Roma and Sinti of Germany belonged. 1.Roma Union Grenzland e.V. 2.Rom e.V. Cologne 3.Roma Union Frankfurt 4.Rom and Cinti Union Hamburg. 5.Landesverband deutscher Sinti und Roma Schleswig-Holstein. 2003-2010 active in cultural projects and promotion of Sinti music. 2008 realization of the first Gypsy-Jazz Festival in Croatia. 2018-2019 activity organized by Latscho Drom Köln. 2018 organization of Sinta Europe-wide contact for the first Sinta Europe Congress. 2019, January Sinti Europe talks with the European Council. 2019, April 13-14, in cooperation with the Catholic Church, the initiator of the realization of the first international conference of Sinti Europe, through which the network of the international Community of Interests of European Sinti was created.
Sinti and Roma board representative: Mihael Ritter

Contact: rittermihael@gmail.com

Organisation contact: sintiundromakoelnev@gmail.com

Office contact: ero.roma.sinti@eroinfo.net

Pilot project with 100% voluntary basis. Engagement of 20 high school students with 20 Roma children, where twice a week high school students helped with homework children with low academic performance. This project was supported by the US Embassy in Tirana. Engaging 25 high school students with 25 Roma children High school students helped children with homework, one to one, also the weekly meetings with the children's parents. A project supported by the European Union, where the focus was on addressing the social issues of Roma families in local institutions. Project supported by Friends of Albania. The aim of this project was to promote the creation of a social business, where women were trained how to embroider and then sell the products created by them. This initiative was supported by the European Union, where the goal was to train, capability and employ some Roma women. Project supported by the Open Society Foundation for Albania, which focuses on promoting education for Roma children in Fushë Kruja.
board member: Fatmira Dajlani

Contact: jemiedhene1@gmail.com

-Conducted workshops with peers in schools - Long time activist in Bosnia and Herzegovina - I worked with the organization CARE International Sarajevo to research how well Roma women are represented in public political life - Greenhouse production, Technology of vegetable production in a protected area, standardization of primary agricultural production received from Business Incubator Banja Luka 16.12.2016. - In 2017, I am the coordinator of the project for young people LYRA II - Young Roma in Action funded by the European Commission, and implemented by Save The Children from Sarajevo - I have cooperation with the Roma community and I am accepted in the community - I have good cooperation with institutions such as the Center for Social Work, primary and secondary schools from Bijeljina and Janja, the City Administration of the City of Bijeljina, the Health Center Bijeljina, the House of Health, the Registry Office ...
board member: Begzada Jovanović

Contact: begzada.sigurankorak@hotmail.com

Member of the Roma Women's Network of Serbia The health mediator works in the field of educating the Roma population in the field of health care, health promotion and immunization campaigns. The health mediator connects the health system and the Roma. The role of the health mediator is to keep records of the health condition of members of the Roma nationality, to work with them to raise awareness of the need to vaccinate children, as well as the importance of proper nutrition and hygiene habits. Health mediators provide better insight to institutions about the situation in Roma settlements.
female and youth representative: Jelena Radulović

Contact: rjelena232@gmail.com

• In 2001, RCC "DROM" entered into partnership with European Centre for Minority Issues which were 14 partner organizations advocating interethnic understanding at the regional level. • Since 1998 "DROM" is a partner of Roma Regional program, where members are Roma NGOs from across Europe • In 2002, RCC "DROM" is one of the creators of RNGO 2002 or Roma NGOs who are in favor of Roma people in Macedonia. This partnership with Roma NGOs operates in several sectors: education, culture, socio and economic development, human rights, child rights, women's rights, culture and media, health, sports and NGO management. Since 2007. President of RNGO 2002 is Executive Director of RCC DROM Mr. Ahmet Jasharevski. • In 2003, RCC "DROM" organized a national conference on Roma education in Republic of Macedonia which was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science.
member: Ahmet Jašarevski

Contact: ahmet_drom@yahoo.com

Spent a lot of time working in Kosovo and Germany and is now working in Belgium, where he is helping youth nad elderly Roma people and their healthcare. He spent a lot of time on Roma questions and is an expert working in Belgium for Roma status and long time volunteer.

Contact: senankaramani@hotmail.com

1. Under development, Proposal of the Spatial Planning Program of the Capital of Podgorica - processor, Secretariat for Planning and Spatial Planning and Protective Environment, Agency for Construction and Development of Podgorica d.o.o., Property Directorate; From the very beginning of his engagement in the International Non - Governmental Organization of Montenegro Active as a coordinator in the following projects / programs / activities: • Let's help Davor heal • Help Brandy heal • Collecting New Year's and Christmas packages for socially vulnerable children affected by poverty • Raising funds for the purchase of firewood for single parents and singles • Solidarity Fund for treatment and health care of Montenegrin citizens
member: Dejvid Sejdović

Contact: dejvid.sejdovic@gmail.com

Through sport and ball, 20 years of activism in the field of sports, football, to which he dedicated many international activities through sport in the fight against discrimination, anti-Gypsyism, segregation and the fight against poverty, he made famous and great athletes from all over the world step with big tournaments visibility and needs for young people and children in the fight against discrimination and segregation since 1993 organizes thousands of different events with famous clubs, politicians and people from UEFA and as children whose parents survived the Jesenovac Holocaust in this area a lot of work and shows the past of the killings and torture of Roma. Lots of conversations with famous players and politicians like German, Croatian politics where he answered a lot of questions about Holocaust. He organised a tournament in Belgrade, football festival GRASSROOTS, financial support, Tolerance and Humanity Football Festival 2020, World Cup in Russia and 3 major international tournaments. He helps children, young and disabled people, collaborates with FIFA and UEFA and organizes annual camps. He spent a lot of dedication and time on the humanitarian program, helping poor children and caring for health.
member: toti dedić

Contact: svjetskaorganizacijaroma@gmail.com

Education and training 24 May 2011 - 30 May 2012 Visiting Scholar Study on Afro-American researches and lectures on the situation of Roma communities in Hungary Brow University, Providence (Rhode Island) 2005 June: expert of human rights, Atlanta University (USA) certification 1995 April: scholar, democracy studies - USAID General teacher and cultural manager - BA 1984-1987 Comenius Pedagogical College, Sárospatak (Hungary) Personal skills and competences Mother language: Hungarian Learned languages: Romani, English Certificate of Attendance - International Language Institute - Washington 2011. Organizational skills and competences: Long years of experience of working in education and in the Romani and human rights associations - on (inter)national level, in multicultural environments. Open attitudes, good communication accustomed to work in flexible teams. Social skills and competences: 20 years’ experience in leadership positions, and teamwork. Ability to adapt to changing situations. I am a good negotiator and spokesman. I was a civil rights fighter and/or mediator about in one hundred ethnic conflicts and crisis situations in Hungary. Good negotiation and rhetorical skills, project management skills. Creative and good problem solving skills. Refences: ALADÁR HORVÁTH: INDULÁS (Setting Off) – The History of the Romani Civil Right’s Movement 1. – book, published 2017. Wesley Publisher Aladár Horváth: EU-ROMA@2003.hu? Kritika 3/2000, pp. 2-5 Aladár Horváth: Szembenézés -Reflection. Polgárjogi Füzetek, 2000. http://www.romaweb.hu/doc/tortenelem/holocaust/szembenezes roma holocaust rpf.pdf
member: Horváth Aladár

Contact: romacivilrajt@gmail.com

Our members

Our members and activists from different countries, which are working on improving the status of Roma and as activists in ERO we have common goal for global solution of integration of Roma nation.


Our organisation contains many members from many different countries from Europe and Balkan.